Corporate Social Responsibility

Today, more than 400 employees are sharing TANTRI values. We think that skills, professionalism and motivation of women and men who work for us, perform our company today and will make up our success tomorrow.All levels of TANTRI management are committed to, and accountable for, implementing, maintaining, measuring, and improving the environmental, health and safety programs of the company.


We foster a culture that encourages safe, healthy and environmentally responsible behavior by clearly defining the responsibilities of all employees. We encourage proactive employee involvement in these efforts.

Compliance with all applicable environmental, health and safety laws and regulations is required. All of our employees, from the manager level to the front line, are responsible and accountable for compliance and have an obligation to bring issues and concerns forward for resolution. We will actively seek sound business opportunities to go beyond regulatory requirements.

TANTRI try to improve the quality of our workers life conditions. TANTRI apply for a policy of non discrimination and harassment, provide safety equipments to workers (masks, safety shoes, helmets, gloves…) and keep clean offices.
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Our products are carefully designed using FE, CAD and 3D modeling, continuously upgraded to suit the ever growing demands and the latest developments in the field of steel fabrication. Extreme weather conditions, loading and working conditions, together with rust prone climatic conditions have been a great challenge faced by the trailer & tower operators in Asia region. TANTRI has made it an advantage over the competitors, as the reliability and efficiency have become their primary concern. Strict quality control of the product is followed at all the stages by the well trained staff.

TANTRI target is to provide heavy and updated products to their customers. Our purchasing department is always searching for best solutions to meets TANTRI customers requirements. In this way, our purchasing department still updating market information and evaluate regularly its suppliers. This evaluation permits to prevent failure risks and take into consideration innovation capacity of our suppliers.
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Pollution prevention is an operating objective. We strive to prevent or reduce the generation of waste at the source. Our impact on the environment is minimized through good engineering practices. Where waste cannot be eliminated, it will be managed in compliance with all applicable requirements.

We will responsibly use natural resources, such as air, water, soils and forests, and we will help to conserve these natural resources through efficient use and careful planning. We will pursue an energy resource plan that emphasizes environmental protection, energy conservation and efficiency. We will responsibly address conditions that endanger health, safety or the environment.